Ya Kou Zhai

Ya Kou Zhai

Location ( interactive map ) : Pu’er – Jing Gu

Production : sheng puerh , white tea , black tea – shai hong

Annual output : 1 ton

Current selection in shop : on request

Small village containing few houses scattered over the area. Locals generally growing vegetables for local market but some of them are tea farmers. The one we have met has a small tea garden located on south-west slope in place located in side the forest in elevation around 1600m above the see. Yet the pretty large area is exposed to sun during the day so it is not the forest tea concept ( growing in shadow ) . Their tea seems to by organic as it’s very difficult access and would be hard labor to treat the trees with any sort of chemicals using some spray tools.

The family can annually produce only 1 ton of tea , so it makes sense to keep it organic ( so can demand the higher price, therefore run business even with such a small quantity ) . Most of the harvest they produce in spring , some in summer ( on customer requests ) , September they already have their autumn harvest . Sometimes they do small batch in winter ( again, only if client requests )

Farmer has a small production factory / hall with efficient ventilation so clean processing.

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