Purple Pu-erh

2007 Lao Tong Zhi Zi Ya sheng pu-erh – purple leafs.

The wet storage although looks very well settled but thing is that wet notes completely cover the real taste of the leafs. Sort of bitter wet dust goes over the tongue and no “hui gan” neither “sheng jing” appears in later infusions.
Nice color and slight mushroomy scent ( typical 4 wet storage ) tea liquor cant provide any pleasure, at least not for me. Dry storage has a very nice body and fruity notes highlighting the natural dry fermentation.
The pressed tea leafs and tea liquor wouldn’t really give obvious feeling of 10y old tea , but some Kunming stored teas are like that. Both teas come from an authorized sellers. Wet storage 180CNY and dry storage 280CNY for 357g cake , if u buy directly from the auth.seller in China.

Left : wet , Right :dry storage.

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