Pa Sha Lao Zhai

Pasha Lao Zhai

Location ( interactive map ) : Xishuangbanna – Menghai

Production : sheng puerh

Annual output : 3 tons

Current selection in shop : Sheng Puerh

Full selection from the area : here

Our long term cooperating tea farmer located in old village Pasha on Pasha mountain. His tea garden is located not far from the village at the edge of the forest in elevation around 1700m alt.. Most of the tea trees are sheltered by big surrounding trees , so it is a forest tea in that kind of sense. His garden can produce only around 1 ton , but he shares / cooperates with his cousins so can deliver mao cha up to 3 tons per year ( not all from his garden ) .

Pasha tea is specific for it’s noticeable taste transformation during the ageing and not much suitable for drinking fresh ( unless from old trees or made by gao wen sha qing concept ). It’s is often used for blending or even replacing ( making fake ) Laobangzhan , as it shares some common qualities. Some LBZ tea farmers actually prepay old tea trees harvest in Pasha ,just exactly for that reason. It helps them to extend ” their production ” ..means sales of supposedly their tea.

The farmer produces spring and autumn harvests only which is done in clean processing factory in the village . Previously written article about autumn harvest written here.

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