Mang Fei

Mang Fei

Location ( interactive map ) : Lincang – Yongde

Production : sheng puerh , shu puerh , white tea, black tea – shai hong

Annual output : 20 tons

Current selection in shop: Sheng puerh , Shu Puerh

Full selection from the area : here

Our first exploring and sourcing trip to this village is described in Mang Fei Failure article. Although that time was not successful , we managed to obtain important connections and able to source good tea directly from tea farmers and producers.

For the loose sheng puerh we mostly get mao cha directly from Mang Fei. There is a very big price difference between spring and autumn and for custom pressing concept the spring is quite not suitable due to it’s high price tag. Autumn is also much softer with it’s astringency, so might be better understandable by western market.

Shu puerh is very typical for it’s bitter front taste but wood and nuts are dominating notes , mostly without fishy notes , which makes even 1 year old loose shu very drinkable and therefore very suitable for your business ( loose or pressed ). The Yongde / Mangfei shu is better to brew easy with medium light infusions. There is also smoky version of Yongde shu puerh.

There is also white tea made in that area. Last trip we have sourced one from wild tea trees which later increased dramatically on price. Very interesting tea and we keep an eye on it ( prices ) . Also general arbor material is used for making the white tea. Mostly one with many huang pian , so overall taste is honey sweet and pushes back the original astringency for which generally Mangfei is known for.

The myth of old tea trees we mention in our blog. In overall there is no anything older than 150y , but mostly 60 – 100y tea trees like. Few older ones around , but those are not accessible to general market . Our farmer him self managed to get half kg which was the share between them ( local farmers ) .

Black tea – shai hong , we have tried once and can not confirm much difference from other Lincang ( Fengqing for example ) sun dried teas. Yet, we are open to more discoveries.

Video from older arbor tea trees growing not exactly in Mang Fei but other village in near by area.

Arbor tea trees growing near by Mang Fei village.

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