Laowu Shan

Lao Wu Shan

Location ( interactive map ) : Pu’er

Production : sheng puerh

Annual output : 8 tons

Current selection in shop : Sheng Puerh

Full selection from the area : here

Farmer’s processing factory is located at the foot of the hill with small arbor tea tress growing in around of 1800 – 1900m alt. At the top part of the slope there is also a forest where the older trees are located. We have pretty good selection from that farmer , who eventually grew up into middle scale supplier due to expanding his small arbor gardens. Yet is annual output is still limited and can not count as the traditional tea factory ( but not small farmer either ) .

They offer spring 1st , 2nd spring harvest and autumn harvest. Graded by small trees , mixed small and Gushu , Gushu and AA Gushu ( which is mixture of their best trees they have and it comes in small batches ) . The autumn harvest usually comes in mixed Gushu and small trees concept.

Very clean processing and premises where mao cha is being dried. We are considering to make the organic certificate for their tea if future cooperation develops.

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