Ku Zhu Shan

Ku Zhu Shan

Location ( interactive map ) : Pu’er – Jing Gu

Production : sheng puerh , white tea , black tea – shai hong

Annual output : around 10 tons

Current selection in shop : Kuzhu Mountain

Full selection from the area : here

Mountain located in Jing Gu area with same name of the village Ku Zhu Shan. The farmer is also a part of the farmers association , therefore their production is in larger scale ( together ). They claim not to be using any chemicals since 2017 on their plantations ( bush tea). They harvest some arbor tea trees planted in forest and around but also have bush tea plantations of ” pu jing yi hao ” varietal. The village is located at around 2100m alt. and plantations with forest are somewhere around that. 1800 – 2000m

Both materials they use for making white tea and black tea – shai hong ( sun dried ). Arbor tree material is also used for sheng puerh production. They can also make sheng puer from their bush tea. We mainly source from the farmer’s personal garden but can get tea from their association as well.

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