Dan Cong Xing Ren Xiang

Dan Cong Xing Ren Xiang comparing

light roasted (left)
vs dark roasted (right)

Unfortunately we didn’t have an opportunity to compare exactly the same grades of those two Dancong teas, but it might give a rough idea about the differences.

The light roasted has much more intense scent before and after brewing with fresh green type sweet notes. Sweet mouth feel is long and steady and more obvious than bitter texture. The dark one has much distinctive cocoa-dark chocolate scent along with hint of almond , which is this tea originally named of. The sweetness is not that intensive like in green one, but deeper and in in certain infusions gets “eaten” by bitter texture , so need to be very careful with brewing techniques.

It’s hard to compare those two types , since the dark roasted is made of small leafs and green one from the big leafs. Although the price of dark one is double, at the end, it’s the matter of personal preference whether it’s worth the difference.
The higher price definitely comes from the grade of the leafs and processing complexity although the drinkers of classic oolong might appreciate the full mouth sweetness from the light roasted version more.

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