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Custom Pottery

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Jianshui Zitao

Colors and surface of the clay

Some examples of mixed and two color clay.

Designs on pottery

Shapes of pottery

Video of some Jianshui teapots.

Jianshui teapots gallery


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Jianshui Pottery on Yunnan Craft

Dai Pottery

Colors of the clay.

Designs on pottery

Some color features happen as a side effect during the firing in the kiln. This two color effect is not easy to achieve intentionally on certain places of pottery, therefore it can be provided in random pattern.

Tea Cups

These are just an examples of various styles of cups made by various masters.


Basic shapes which Dai pottery masters generally make. Gaiwans are from different makers so the designs.

Dai Pottery Gawain gallery

Dai Tao Tea Jars

Examples of Dai pottery jars for storing loose tea leaf.

Other Dai Pottery pieces

Other examples of Dai Potery. Tea tray or candle lamp.

Traditionally wood fired Dai pottery.

Video of Dai Pottery

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Dai Pottery on Yunnan Craft

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