Bai Mu Qing

Bai Mu Qing

Location : Pu’er – Jing Gu

Production : sheng puerh , white tea , black tea – shai hong

Annual output : less than 1 ton

Current selection in shop : shai hong

Small village in Jinggu area , surrounded by forest and tea plantations of ” pu jing yi hao ” varietal which is used mainly for white tea production , but sun dried black tea ( smaller production ) is also beautiful. They also do sheng puerh from that , which is ok for bigger factories production blends or for Menghai to make some shu puer.

For our sheng puerh sourcing concept the trees located in forest area are more interesting. It takes quite long journey on motorbike and walking to reach that area , so we assume no chemicals are implemented in those gardens. Also annual output is very small. Individual batches might vary from 1 to 20kg , more if purchased both harvests (1st and 2nd) mixed together.

Kill green processing is done by farmer in wok station built outside , yet some smokiness might be in present in tea taste and aroma.

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