Ailao Shan

Location ( interactive map ) : Pu’er – Jing Dong

Production : sheng puerh , shu puerh , white tea , black tea – shai hong

Annual output : 30 tons

Current selection in shop : White Tea , Shu Puerh

Full selection from the area : here

Semi large family run tea factory with their own tea plantations elevated around 1900m alt. with ” pu jing yi hao ” varietal. As expected , the tea factory has it’s standards and some green ( organic ) Chinese certificates which proves tea ( their plantations ) is not heavily feed and sprayed with chemicals. Yet, we do not posses enough information to confirm that would comply with strict EU standards.

Their white tea is something what we count as the best quality available on local market , without any marketing Gushu concepts. In our opinion , judging by the taste it self , their bush made white Yue Guang Bai just superiors any whatever Gushu being promoted from whatever area which we had a chance to try so far. It is rich and ready for ageing thanks to the light withering processing which company does . That’s why the leaves are more like green color , which will turn to dark with time of oxidation ( aka ageing ) , when flowery notes with slight astringency will be exchanged for fruity sweet ones.

Every year they offer 1st. and spring 2nd harvest.

Their shu puerh is also interesting as reminds some of the famous tea factories in Pu’er like Long Sheng which we also offer. We also offer loose leaf for custom pressing.

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